Peninsula Pets

Sometimes our closest friends in this life get around on four legs instead of two. It is with the goal of honoring these best of friends that Peninsula Pet Cremation Services (Peninsula Pets) was established in April 2018. Affiliated with Harper Ridgeview Funeral Chapel and Mount Angeles Memorial Park in Port Angeles, and Sequim Valley Funeral Chapel in Sequim, Peninsula Pets (as we like to call it) is here to serve you.

Full-Service Pet Cremation

For years families have called our funeral homes asking if we could help them care for a dear pet who had passed away. It was disconcerting to us that all we could do was refer families to a vet clinic of their choice for their pet’s needs. We always strive to be available to help in your time of need, so we decided to develop Peninsula Pets as the only local full-service pet cremation provider here in Port Angeles and Sequim. Now you can bring your dear pet directly to one of our funeral home locations and we will help you honor your pet in the way that you choose.

…we will help you honor your pet in the way that you choose

Prior to the establishment of Peninsula Pets, families had no choice but to see their pets be shipped two hours or more to Seattle or Aberdeen for cremation. Families did not have the option of witnessing the cremation process locally, choosing certain memorial products, or discussing ahead of time the care their pet was going to receive. To meet these needs, Peninsula Pets has a dedicated Pet Crematory right here in Port Angeles. Families are comforted by knowing that when they choose Peninsula Pets, their loved one never has to leave the area.

Meeting You At Your Time Of Need

Our beloved animal companions are truly special. They are always glad to see us when we come home from work, they are always happy to go for a ride into town with us, they never complain, and they are always available for a hug or snuggle when we need comforting. When a dear pet reaches the end of his or her journey in this life it is hard to imagine life without them. We extend a heartfelt condolence to all who suffer loss, but we are honored with the calling to help you during this time of need.

Whether it be at a time of loss, or preparing for this time, you can visit us at either Harper Ridgeview Funeral Chapel at 105 W 4th Street in Port Angeles or Sequim Valley Funeral Chapel at 108 W Alder Street in Sequim. You may also call us at 360-417-3848 anytime day or night. Our staff is always available to answer your questions and explain the many choices that are available to assist you in honoring your loved one.

Choosing Peninsula Pets

There are many reasons why families choose Peninsula Pets:

  • We cremate all sizes of dogs and cats, as well as other pets such as guinea pigs and lizards.
  • Home pick-up and delivery is available as well as the option of bringing your pet directly to one of our locations.
  • Families that choose private cremation have the comfort of knowing that their pet will be cremated individually, one at a time.
  • Your pet is handled respectfully during the entire process, from pick up through cremation to releasing of remains back to you.
  • Witness cremation is available for those who desire this option.
  • Your pet’s remains are returned to you in the urn of your choice.

A cremation scattering garden is available at Mount Angeles Memorial Park, exclusively for pets, for those who desire to have a place where they can return and memorialize.

Considering Pet Cremation?

Let us help you with the final needs of your beloved friend and pet. Contact us today to make the necessary arrangements.
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