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Your loved one deserves the best funeral home in Port Angeles and at Harper Ridgeview Funeral Chapel, we have been providing the best for families in Clallam County for over 100 years.

The loss of a loved one can leave you with a lot of unanswered questions, as well as feelings of stress, anxiety, and grief that can make events difficult to handle. In this time of need, our experienced funeral directors will guide you through all aspects of your chosen funeral services with compassion, dignity, and respect. From caskets to flowers, and everything in between, our dedicated funeral directors will provide you with individualized service you and your loved one deserve.

…we are there for you in your time of need

Our honest service and commitment to excellence have served our customers well, and you can rest assured that we can assist you in your time of need. Whether you have come to our site for information about an upcoming service or to make arrangements for a loved one, we hope the information you find here will be helpful.

In January 1903 our original funeral home opened as McDonald’s Funeral Home on west 4th street in Port Angeles. On July 31, 1970, McDonald’s Funeral Home became Ridgeview Funeral Home, moving right next door to the original McDonald’s Funeral Home. On July 31, 1981, Harper Funeral Home merged with Ridgeview Chapel and we became Harper-Ridgeview Funeral Chapel.

We are proud to be affiliated with three of our local cemeteries; Mount Angeles Memorial Park in Port Angeles and Sequim View and Dungeness Cemeteries in Sequim. Our full-service facility is conveniently located in Port Angeles, close to all medical facilities, churches, retirement homes, and residents.

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When we had our beloved pet cremated, Sonya was the one who took care of her.We could just feel the loving care when we got her back. The cherry urn was beautiful, and even pamphlets to help us for future choices.I will definitely use them again, and recommend them very highly to anyone in need of a quality cremation with such loving care.I did recommend them to a friend,"Claudia Brown" She was equally happy with the work and love Sonya put into helping her with her Bulldog "Bay View Flying Solo"For Claudia, and for myself, it eased some of the pain when we needed it the most.read more
Susie Blank
18:14 19 Feb 19
I used them for my pet's cremation. Sonja was very kind and compassionate, and everything happened exactly as planned. I had some special requests that were met willingly. I would recommend Peninsula Pet Cremation for your pet's last needs.read more
Lisa Loftus
22:52 14 Mar 19
The Port Angeles Pet Posse has had several occasions in the last year to use the services of Harper Ridge Funeral Chapel for beloved pets. We are always treated with compassion and tender caring. We know our treasured companions are in the best possible hands and will be treated with dignity and professionalism. Thank you to the staff who understand how important our pets are to us. Bless you for your caring.read more
Shari Hamilton
19:56 21 Dec 18
Family death called us here, the staff was wonderful and caring. We were treated as family, a lovely young lady named Stacy or maybe Sarah (confusing times, sorry) put us at ease with directions. Thank you so much for all of the help you all offered to our family.read more
Tracy F
04:16 04 Jan 19
Elijah was very helpful during the hardship of dealing with my father passing. He was always available to answer my many questions. He was up front about cost and I didn’t feel like I was being ‘talked into’ anything that wasn’t necessary. The other staff there during the service was kind and understanding, making everything as good as it possibly could have been.read more
Kassi Deese
02:09 13 Dec 18
I can't say enough about the empathy and compassion shown by Sonya Reddick during the process of cremation for my dog, Bailey. She understood my loss completely and was an incredible "listener". I will definitely be using Harper RIdgeview when it comes to my other dog Ana Mai.read more
Dana Johnson
16:06 30 Apr 19
My experience with Harper-Ridgeview Funeral Chapel was very good. The staff were kind during this very emotional time for our family, and always patient and understanding every step of the way.read more
Joe Edwards
00:52 29 May 19
The Pet Cremation Service is beautiful. Heartfelt compassion, understanding, peace, dignity and respect surround you. When grief makes it hard to breathe and sorrow numbs your mind, Sonya and the staff at Harper - Ridgeview are with you all the way.Highly recommend. They somehow shared the blow from one of the most painful losses I have ever experienced.I am forever grateful.read more
Debbie Willson
23:12 08 Jul 19
With surprise and deep sorrow, my family needed the services of a funeral home. The police took my niece's body to Harper-Ridgeview, and we choose to use their services for her cremation. Alexis was in her first few months on the job. But her professionalism and empathy reflected her time with Hospice. My family dealt with our grief using sarcastic humor, Alexis supported us coping in this manner. The death was suspicious in the minds of law enforcement. Alexis answered every question I had about the process of an autopsy and how to work with the medical examiner. The remains of my beloved niece were packaged in an affordable container that was displayed at her Celebration of Life. It will be several more months before the coroner's final report is complete, and I know Alexis will be there to help me understand the final conclusion to explain my family's loss.read more
NancyJo Rauch
16:23 22 Jul 19
Mark Gustafson is a true professional with integrity. Working with him for the short time I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity taught me so much. He truely cares about every single family that comes through his doors. I would recommend Harper Ridgeview to anyone and everyone.read more
Lexi Olea
04:57 18 Sep 19
I wasn’t prepared for my mom to die. There was no life insurance and it was all on me to deal with things. I usually never write reviews on anything. But you guys touched my heart. I’m just so pleased and grateful to have gone here, You truly cared and worked with me to get through these hard times. It’s comforting to know there are businesses out there that truly love the people in their community. Thank you guys so much for everything!read more
Casey Allen
23:58 13 Dec 19
Mark was extremely compassionate and willing to help us with all of our needs. He made the experience lighthearted while allowing us to grieve when needed. He took extreme care of everything in regard to the cremation and made the experience one of a kind. He provided so many benefits for us to help my family have closure and be able to continue in the grief process with a new peace. Highly Recommended. Thank you!read more
Cait Nic
05:43 18 Mar 20
Back in 2015, my wife Alyce (Hallman) Hillman passed away and in the proves of looking for a funeral chapel to take care of her we went to Drinnon Ford and we asked them for a price of service, and they seemed to be too business orientated and not family orientated, they seemed like to take care of her was just another thing they did there, so, we went to Harper Ridgeview, and we explained what we just had gone through, and the people there were ready to do anything they could to make us feel that the right things would be done to complete our funeral needs, they even matched and went one step further to make sure our needs were met and we felt comfortable with the work that was done. Now recently, our pet dog passed away, and we wanted to make sure we felt like we were honoring him, so, I remembered a roadside billboard that said that Harper Ridgeview Funeral Chapel was now cremating pets and so, I didn't have to even think who could take good care of our dog and so I called to find out about that and was assured that everything would be taken care of to my liking, and today Mark the General Manager and Savanna came to take our beloved pet and take good care of him. I would trust anyone that worked for Harper Ridgeview for any of my needs when thing come up I know that all will be done to my satisfaction. A Big Thank You goes out from me for the work that they do there defenetly are a caring place,THANK YOU!!!Jim HillmanPort Angelesread more
Jim Hillman
01:02 08 May 20
I greatly appreciated the care, concern, and professionalism I received in taking care of the necessary matters in regards to my aunt's wishes. Everyone, especially Mark Gustafson, made it much easier for me to do all that I needed to do, during this stressful time. I highly recommend Harper-Ridgeview to anyone who needs their services.read more
Steve Tarbert
22:46 23 May 20
Huge rave to Harper-Ridgeview and their staff; Danny, Mark, and Savannah. I recently lost my pet snake, and tried calling a couple veterinary offices to see if they could help me. They made me feel as if my request was ridiculous and unreasonable. I had almost given up hope when a friend suggested Peninsula Funeral Homes. Danny called me personally, less than 24 hours after I had submitted my inquiry online. Danny was compassionate and helped me understand the process and my options. When I arrived at Harper Ridgeview, Mark and Savannah were also equally compassionate and kind. Though cremating a pet snake might not be everyone's "cup of tea" Danny, Mark, and Savannah didn't treat me any differently than if I was chosing these services for my childhood dog or any other loved one for that matter. I have heard good things from other in the past about Harper-Ridgeview but I know I will be chosing them for any future services I might need. Thank you all, again, so much for your compassion.read more
Amanda Hill
23:16 05 Jun 20
On May 22, 2020, following a bout of pneumonia, my 94 year old mother-in-law's health suddenly declined and my husband (her son) moved her from the hospital in Puyallup to her daughter's home in Sequim, WA. My mother-in-law entered into hospice care the very next day with Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County who were amazingly helpful and caring. My widowed mother-in-law's pre-paid cemetery plot is located in Lynnwood but our family wanted to make funeral arrangements in Sequim so they could handle everything from where she was living at the time.A week after moving my mother-in-law to Sequim, my husband and I scheduled a meeting with Mark Gustafson at Sequim Valley Funeral Chapel to make funeral arrangements. We had never met Mark before and chose him mainly based on the online reviews and we are thankful that we did.Mark was extremely knowledgeable and walked us through the necessary steps to cover the items not already paid for. We finalized everything necessary. We went from there to visit my mother again before driving back home to Puyallup.Two days later, my mother-in-law passed away. Even though our family knew that her health was declining rapidly, we didn't know she would pass away so quickly, only eights days into hospice care and only two days after we finalized the funeral arrangements. We know that God had a hand in all of this.We are beyond thankful to Mark Gustafson, who handled the pick up, care and transportation to Lynnwood and coordination with the Lynnwood cemetery. On top of that, he also collected the doctor signature and ordered the death certificates. There are so many steps involved in funeral arrangements and Mark's 40+ years of experience were evident in his excellent handling of my mother-in-law. Just three days after my mother-in-law's passing we met Mark Gustafson in Lynnwood at the cemetery for the interment and immediate burial. He had the original death certificates to give us then. It was such a relief to know Mark had everything handled for our family.It was also much less expensive to have Sequim Valley Funeral Chapel handle the funeral arrangements instead of the the cemetery where my mother had prepaid for her plot she shares with my father who had passed in 1985.It has come to my attention that any cemetery and/or funeral home associated with Dignity Memorial, which is a huge corporation, will inevitably charge more money and the Lynnwood cemetery where my mother was buried is part of Dignity Memorial. Their estimate of funeral expenses was much higher than what we paid to Sequim Valley Funeral Chapel. I learned a lot from this experience. Prior to this experience, I was not aware that someone could pay for funeral expenses separate from cemetery expenses from two different companies as this was all new to me. I hope by leaving this review, I have helped inform another family to prepare early and absolutely place your trust in Mark Gustafson and his staff at Sequim Valley Funeral Chapel, a part of Harper-Ridgeview Funeral Chapel of Port Angeles. I know other families would find a sense of relief knowing that their final arrangements were completely arranged and paid for so that the family left behind does not have to go through the stressful time and expense of making those decisions at the time a loved one passes away. It has sure inspired my husband and me to make sure all of our funeral arrangements are finalized and paid for now so our grown children don't have to deal with this at that time.Leslie Fenskeread more
Leslie Fenske
16:33 06 Jun 20
We came from out of state to say goodbye to our Son who passed away. Mark and Savannah were very kind and compassionate. They helped us get through a difficult time. I would highly recommend them in time of need.read more
Jim Wudrick
02:15 30 Jun 20
A grateful thank you to Darren and all at Peninsula Pets for helping us with our beloved dog. Your caring and quick response made his passing easier for our family.read more
22:11 28 Jul 20
I recently had a very bad experience with a local Veterinarian who was supposed to cremate my beloved dog he was my best friend and I wanted the best for him as he had given me his best his whole life I was shocked when I called to see if I could pick him up if he was back yet and they told me he hadn't even been sent and they didn't care. We called Harper Ridgeview and talked to Darren and Mark and explained what had happened to us they told us to bring him right away and they would take care of everything and they did. We couldn't have had a better out come from this experience they promise he would be back to us as soon as possible and he was. If you need help at the end of your pets life please call and ask for Mark or Darren you wont be disappointed they work with local Veterinarians and charities and will do everything in their power to make your loss easier. We thankyou for everything you did for us and we will be recommending you to everyone we know that might need your services and we will be using you in future with our other pets or family members.read more
Karla Jensen
23:57 12 Aug 20
We had a good experience with Harper Ridgeview pet cremation from the moment I made the first phone call. They were sensitive to our needs and worked with us during this difficult time of decision making. I appreciated that during this COVID crisis they are donating pet cremations to Animal non-profits and I couldn't think of a better way to honor our old dog.read more
Molly Ramsey
02:54 14 Aug 20
Mark Gustafson was so professional and kind to us while dealing with a family death. He was helpful and accommodating while guiding us through this difficult process.read more
Shelby Smith
00:01 26 Aug 20
On October 8th my wife and I had to put our dog (daughter) down. It was so very difficult to have that done. I was told about the private pet cremation service that Harper Ridgeview offers. i made contact with them and they were so very nice and helpful. The woman that helped us was very helpful, and very understanding. She made the whole process very easy. I also have other friends that have used their services, and they also say how wonderful Harper Ridgeview was for them as well. They really helped making my worst day and turning it into a better day. To this day I still look up and still talk with our baby girl "Sara Lee Seavey". Thank you Harper Ridgeview.read more
Brandon Seavey
19:39 21 Dec 18
We recently had to use the help of staff at Harper Ridgeway and found them very considerate and accommodating to our wishesread more
Shari McDonald
06:33 08 Nov 20
Mark at Harper Ridgeview and his entire staff have been very compassionate and considerate after the loss of my father in-law. They were beyond kind and understanding to my mother in-law and we so appreciate all their help.read more
Emily Ball
17:26 12 Nov 20
I only have words of gratitude and appreciation for the considerate care that Mark G and Harper Ridgeview provided for our family when we lost our mom.read more
Michael Scribner
15:59 25 Nov 20
just want to personally Thank You guys, for all the help and kindness they gave us girls, and our friend who passed away. Thank you guys.read more
tracy rich
05:03 29 Jan 21
When our 19 week ultrasound revealed no heartbeat, we were shocked and unsure if what to do next. We made all the necessary phone calls, including one to Harper-Ridgeview. From the first phone call, to picking up the body, to sending him off for autopsy, and finally cremation, Erick made us feel informed and cared for. He was excellent with communication. We could not be more thankful for his time, effort, and compassion. Thank you for making this crazy time, a little more straightforward and easy!read more
KB Elliott
17:19 05 Mar 21
I lost my wife recently and Eric Scheiderman was very understanding my grief, as well as informative about burials and cremations. This is a great place to take your loved one.read more
Alan Jones
02:53 10 Mar 21
My cat passed away from leukemia last night. I contacted Harper-ridgeview about the private pet cremation. They made it very easy and the woman helping me was very sweet and kind. Thank you for helping Lucky move on.read more
Ali Schmit
21:58 13 Mar 21
We had 2 experiences with Harper Ridgeview within a month. Our 36 year old son and our 17 year old yellow lab. I cannot begin to say enough good things about how we and our loved ones, both human and pet, were treated. So much respect and care. Thank you for standing in the gap and taking care of us all.read more
Debra Haller
01:44 17 Mar 21
Erick and his team were so compassionate and helpful at the time of my husband and my mothers passing. He went out of his way to go over all details of the services provided. Thank you so much!read more
Sandra Meyer
17:23 22 Mar 21
Erick and the staff at Harper Ridgeview Funeral Chapel were so patient and helpful during the planning of my fathers service. Everything had to be planned remotely and Erick was able to plan everything exactly the way the family wanted it. Thank you for making this as less stressful as possible.read more
Stephanie Winans
21:02 29 Mar 21
My brother recently passed away. He mentioned to me how he really liked this funeral home, so us surviving siblings used harper. Daren Delaney was the intern assigned to help us. He was very supportive to our requests. We had cultural request and never did we meet resistance. I see why my brother preferred this funeral home. Very supportive and compassionate. Daren was a consummate professional. Thank you Harper-Ridgeview and Daren Delaneyread more
Leah Neuneker
04:19 18 Apr 21
I am very grateful to the staff at Harper- Ridgeview Funeral Chapel for the manner in which they handled the cremation of my dog, Hawthorne. His remains were cared for with dignity and respect. I too was treated kindness and compassion.Hawthorne‘s ashes were returned to me within three days, in a beautiful container. The cost for cremation was very reasonable as compared to having this service provided through a veterinary office. I highly recommend the services of Harper-Ridgeview for your pet cremation needs.read more
Maureen Wahlman
20:23 05 Jun 21
I have been to Harper Ridgeview a few times for pet cremation. The owner is fabulous and very responsive. The staff at the Sequim and Port Angeles locations have always been extremely nice and caring. I recommend their service for your pets. 🐱🐶read more
Trish Whitley
19:33 28 May 21

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